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Installing M0n0wall over Watchguard Firebox I

Installing M0n0wall over Watchguard Firebox I

If you have an old FireboxI and were thinking on throwing it, hold on, I’ll show you an easy way to install an OpenSource “M0n0wall” (
http://m0n0.ch/wall) on it.
What you Need

Open the FireboxI and unplug the motherboard to get access to the keyboard port. Plug in the keyboard, the video card (be carefull with the network cards), install the CDROM Unit on the second IDE port, and ensure to set the CDROM Unit as “Master”.

You must use a DIN 5 pin connector Keyboard

We are set with video, keyboard and CDROM.

Now you have to erase the BIOS so you can change the current configuration and allow the FireboxI to boot from the CDROM. Here is when the clip starts to play. With the FireboxI ON, joint the two points with the clip, as show in the figure.

Restart the FireboxI and get in to the BIOS setup by pressing the “del” key, make sure you change the boot sequence and select CDROM to be the first booting device.

You must set the “PNP OS Installed” to NO; also you must turn off the Stop on errors option.

Set the all Hard Disk type to AUTO.

Save a restart the fireboxI with the Linux Bootable CD you have.

Once the Linux have started, start a console (ctrl-F1) as root (su), and type the cfdisk command to get the device name that holds the Flash Card information, DO NOT ERASE OR CREATE A NEW FILE SYSTEM, just write down the device (i.e. hda) information and quit.

From the console shell type gunzip -c /cdrom/m0n0wall_img/generic-pc-###.img dd of=/dev/xxx bs=16k, where xxx belongs to the IDE device name. For detailed information go to (http://m0n0.ch/wall/installation_generic_dsl.php).


Remember to restart the firebox I, extract the Linux CD, get to the BIOS and change the boot sequence.

You are done; you are running an M0n0wall over a firebox1!!

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